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Global Forex Trading - Lesser Known Facts

Global forex trading is a lesser known facet of money making or wealth creation among the general population. You will no doubt hear about stock markets and share prices daily and also about oil prices and other commodities, but when it comes to forex trading, there is much less publicity on this compared to stock market trading and futures. However, it is a fact that the global forex trading market actually dwarfs the stock markets and even the commodities market.

At any one time, more than $2 trillion of currencies are transacted every day on the global forex market.

What is helping forex market to reach that distinction of being the largest tradeable market is that forex is tradeable at any time of the day for every day- 24/7 ! Compared to stocks and shares or commodity markets that have specific opening and ending trading times. By necessity, forex markets are available for trading anytime since price of currencies changes and fluctuates everytime. This makes it possible for the trader who has the acumen to profit from these price fluctuations.

Another characteristic of forex trading that can catapult you into wealth is the application of the system of leverage. In wealth creation, leverage accelerates your ability to create wealth from a small amount. Many people are attracted to trading stocks and shares on margin because they can get leverage on a margin account. For example, by margining your stocks and shares, you can get a leverage of 50% to 75% of your stocks so that if you have $100,000 worth of stocks and shares, you may be able to get additional margin to trade worth $50,000 to $75,000. But compared to forex margin accounts where you can get leverage of 20 times to 50 times, which is common and even up to 100% margin in some special cases.

Leverage is a main key to forex trading wealth, and is a powerful tool that can cuts both ways. You will need a good education in forex trading to gain the edge and be profitable consistently. Otherwise this immense leverage can work against you and gets you wiped off and even move into bankruptcy even faster than it can help you become a millionaire.

It is this leverage that draws people to forex trading, giving it a tint of speculative activity. While one cannot deny that there are many speculators in the forex market, there are many traders who are able to extract continuous and consistent profits trading the forex market for a living. This group of people constitute 10% of the forex traders, and the key element with them is their ability to take advantage of the price movements either as day traders, swing traders or position traders.


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