Basic Human Rights

Our basic human rights (our meaning all peoples) were elegantly and succinctly recorded in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.

It has 30 articles, and covers every aspect of our lives, and is an ideal for each person whichever country he or she comes from. It provides the framework for governments and leaders to act, and although there are perhaps more violations than adherences, it gives the view of what is possible.

The basic human rights naturally fall into several categories, being first general equality, then freedom (in all its forms), followed by economic, social and cultural rights. It envisions a world where there is mutual respect for all.

Having said the above, human rights today has been tested and re-tested in various societies and cultures, with some heroes for sure, and many villains disrespecting human rights as a matter of course.

Certainly the infractions of human rights are not confined to developing countries, as many normal Western nations, supposedly living under well defined democracies are sometimes as guilty (or more, as they have their own history to guide them) than newer, troubled nations.

Here in these pages you will see how human rights are violated, where, and what can be done about it.

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