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Self Improvement

Self Improvement and Financial Security for the Future

Self Improvement Article

Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement
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Any successful person, or any anyone interested in self improvement and making a better life for themselves must be prepared to take responsibility for every aspect of their lives and their future.

To many people, financial planning may well be one of the most uninspiring of all subjects. However, it’s a fact of life that it’s one thing we MUST address to ensure a secure future for ourselves and our families.

No one is guaranteed a job for life anymore. Major corporations are certainly not secure employers. Downsizing is now the norm rather than the exception. Long established companies have not only been forced to lose large numbers of staff, but many corporations have disappeared altogether.

Government employees may once have considered themselves secure, but this is no longer the case. Policy decisions can be made at any time that can render whole departments obsolete, and thousands of people unemployed.

Today’s business economy is so competitive that any small or medium

Self Improvement Article

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sized business must be extremely well managed and in firm control of every aspect of their business to avoid being left standing by competitors. This includes having the most efficient and productive employees.

Planning for our future is essential. If you are an employee you must ensure you have the up to date skills so you can apply for better jobs within your industry, or to ensure you will be easily employable should you lose your
current job.

There are many self improvement resources available that can help you to secure your future financial security and personal success. However, we would recommend consulting a recognised financial adviser for professional financial advice.

Most people working for wages are one or two pay cheques away from bankruptcy, as they live from one pay day to the next and have no savings. It is essential to save regularly, to make adequate health and unemployment insurance a priority, and to make provision for a comfortable retirement. This is just as

Self Improvement Article

Yoga is Self Improvement
After five thousand years of written documentation, Yoga may well be the oldest self-improvement system that ever existed. We don't know what Yoga knowledge may have been lost before man started to record it. In the time period beyond 5,000 years...

important for employers and entrepreneurs. If not, we risk losing everything we’ve worked long and hard for.

At the end of the day, it’s our decision whether we take the actions and make the plans to secure our futures. Or if we leave it to someone else, or just take our chances and hope for the best.

Self Improvement Quote of the Day:

“Financial security and independence are like a three-legged stool resting on savings, insurance and investments.” – Brian Tracy
About the author:

Garry Zancanaro is the founder of Self Improvement Directory, a website dedicated to Self Improvement and Personal Development, and to helping people live more successful and fulfilling lives by providing a directory of the highest quality Self Growth resources available. Includes many FREE eBooks and much more. Visit





Self Improvement