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Success - Are You Preparing For Success?

Success Article

Success…Follow The Well-Beaten Path
Have you achieved success in your life? Yes or no? The answer to that question is quite simple to most people. You might as well ask a man how much money he has…it’s the same question. However there’s more to it than that. Money is a nice...

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

Colin Powell (b. 1937) US army general, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Recently I have been thinking about how we prepare for the future and the success I am sure we all hope to achieve. Are you one of those people who let life just ‘happen’ and react accordingly, or are you in control and have every aspect of your future life planned out? I envy you if you are the former (although I think you need to have a very particular mindset to be this way, and don’t you get on other people’s nerves somewhat?) and am rather concerned if you are the latter. There needs to be a balance somewhere between those two extremes, but there is no doubt that success comes through at least some level of preparation. Are you preparing for your future success?

What do you need to do to prepare for success? Research an idea? Make plans? Ask for some assistance? Change your attitude? Anticipate success, and then just go for it! Don’t miss the ’doing’ part out! Practice being a "doer" every day, even if it is only in a small way. Even the smallest actions will accumulate into a bigger success if you keep at it!

Are you sabotaging your own success by procrastinating and avoiding doing what needs to be done? Success will not fall into your lap, and if it did, would you be likely to hang on to it if you aren’t willing to make the most of it through evasiveness or by putting off essential tasks. What needs to be done today? Do it!

Do you want to be in charge of your own life, with control over all that you do? I’d be surprised if you said ‘No’, as this kind of need is born with us. It is only that sometimes other demands have meant that we have suppressed those wishes.

Success Article

Your Success Response is Physiological
Most people believe that success in business and finance is primarily the result of mental processes. But success has a physiological basis. The state of both the body and the mind determine your "success response." There are three components of...

Listen to yourself. Do the voices inside your head (your internal dialogue, which we pretty much all experience and which does not mean we are going crazy!) reveal yearnings or desires that you often stifle? The more you go against your own wishes and needs, the more unhappy and frustrated you will become. Start listening to yourself and acknowledge what it is that you really, really want to do.

Success and action are interlinked. Successful people keep moving, keep doing. They make mistakes but they don’t give up. How can you do something active today to contribute to your success? Are you actively seeking success? Are you fit for success?

What are you preparing for? Is it something you want to do or has someone else imposed it upon you? What can you do to remedy the situation? Ditch, delegate or change your attitude about what it is you are doing. It is often your attitude to a task which affects its outcome. If there is no way of avoiding it, do it to the best of your ability and dig deep to find a way to do it enthusiastically. Keep the end in mind.

Preparations are things that need to be done every day. It is virtually impossible to go through a day without making some sort of preparations – for eating, for dressing, for carrying out a piece of work. So what can you do that is new and fresh to assist in your preparations?

Do you have a vision of the success you wish to achieve? If so, is it one that draws you towards it like a massive magnet? No? Then this week, I would suggest you use your creativity to create that vision. Use a method that suits you. You can sit quietly, with closed eyes, and draw a picture in your head how you want things to be. Leave no detail out. Revisit that vision regularly. Or if you prefer, you could create an pictorial image, by using cuttings from magazines or your

Success Article

You can read everything you can get your hands on about acquiring wealth, you can work 'round the clock to achieve your dreams, and you can try every known method to get ahead, but the 'bottom line' is that there really are only three keys to...

own sketches or both, which you can make into a montage which represents what it is you are aiming to accomplish. If neither of these are for you, how about getting pen and paper out and using your writing skills to detail your successful future? As I said, use the method that works for you.

What are your thoughts about helping others – just because you can? There is a theory that what we give out comes back to us manifold, be it thoughts or actions, negative or positive. Successful people are often the ones who are most willing to help others, with no thought of payment or even of the thanks they may receive. They choose to mentor or give others a boost up, because they can, not because they are looking for any kind of payment or reward. What can you do today and everyday to help another person improve their life? Are you willing to do it? Are you prepared to assist someone in the preparations for their success? Are you preparing for success in every way you can?

©Kate Harper 2006

Kate Harper is a Motivation Coach based in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. Check out her website http://www.harpercoaching.com

She works with people from all over the world who are seeking change in their lives. If that is you, please take a look at Kate's website. Her special interests are the promotion of Wellbeing and Self Confidence through her coaching.

"The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult." Madame Marie du Deffand

Take your first step today and contact Kate.

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