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Success - Shh! The REAL Secret to Success!

Success Article

Your Imagination, the Ultimate Success Tool
Your Imagination, the Ultimate Success Tool Copyright 2004 Tom Busch In order to achieve your goals and attain new levels of success, put your imagination to work. Get into the habit of visualizing your goals as if they are already happening....

I am going to tell you the basic formula of how to get everything you have ever dreamed of, everything you have ever wanted, and I am going to do it free!

Yes, FREE!

Thats right, Im not going to charge you an astronomical amount to buy my book, Im not even going to ask you to make 3 easy payments over a period of time for my CD's. In fact, I will tell you the secret to success in the next few sentences.

There is however only one catch, are you ready for it?

You must believe with all your heart and soul- you have to believe with all the essence of your being that you will be successful! That's it, that is my price, or should I say -our price. Its not much to ask for, but in order to carry on, and truly become a success it is absolutely necessary. Without this, their can be no success, no growth! Without belief there is nothing!

Think about where we would be now as a human race if Einstein didnít believe he could invent the lightbulb? What if the allies didnt think they could win the war? Ok Ok, Im not saying belief is enough, but what I am saying is that without it, success is impossible. So now that you have the pre-requisite to succeed, I am going to tell you how to succeed. Here is the secret that

Success Article

The Gift Of Success
Often just one self-help principle can increase your power to achieve your goals and can help your life take off. This article is about one such principle - success breeds success. I once suggested that, if you don't feel like going shopping, just...

is as old as man himself ! Here it comes...

Take Persistent, Effective Action!

Thats it! Take Persistent Effective Action!

I know what some of you are thinking, thats crap- I want the secret! Well my friends that is the secret! If you believe in a project down to your bones, and you take Persistent Effective Action you will Succeed! It is proven time and time again by the great men and women of our time. That is all that every successful person has done! that is the formula! Sure, there are a few lazy bastards that got picked out of a queue and made famous- but that is the exception and not the rule. If you do this you will succeed! It is so simple!

Is it? The trick is training yourself to be persistent, despite the bad results and the obstacles! If it were easy to take Persistent Effective Action then we would all be rich and successful, but it really is all that is required.

I am challenging people to take on this Success Project along with me. I am going to prove that if you follow the secret you can be a success. I will post my progress and I will pass on any techniques I have used to overcome any obstacles, Mental or otherwise. I also ask that if you are a success that you share your story and relate

Success Article

You can read everything you can get your hands on about acquiring wealth, you can work 'round the clock to achieve your dreams, and you can try every known method to get ahead, but the 'bottom line' is that there really are only three keys to...

it to this article. This site will be dedicated to passing on techniques and information to help you apply Persistent Effective Action! YOU will succeed!

"Success seems to be connected with action. Successful men keep moving. They make mistakes, but they dont quit." --Conrad Hilton

R. Leal

Ricardo Leal was born in Portugal in 1974 on the dawn of the Revolution. He immigrated to Canada with his parents at the age of 6 and studied in Canada. He obtained a Business college Diploma in Finance and Marketing and launched his first business at 22- Conquest Productions, an Event Planning and Production Company. He then opened his 2nd Business at 25, a nightclub called'Mambo Bar & Grill'. He sold his share in 2001 and moved to London, England. In england he has worked with large Leisure Companies and has coached and produced great Managers and Leaders for a wide variety of Businesses. He is currently writing his first Non Fiction Book, and has recently launched 2 new businesses, Tappy Toes, a childrens Dance/Movement Business, and his first Internet Venture still under construction. Check out his Success tips at http://www.thesuccessproject.blogspot.com




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