Forex Brokers Trading Platforms

Forex Broker’s Trading Platforms – What You Need to Know

Today, an ever-increasing number of Forex traders are using trading platforms supplied with their Forex broker’s trading account. A competitive Forex broker, with a reliable trading platform is essential for your currency trading success.

Not all brokers are equal in terms of the service they provide – so, here are the essentials for choosing the right broker and trading platform:

1. Trading platforms for download

A trading platform, which requires downloading, is ideal for professional traders with experience in the Forex Market - and most of these platforms function as a Windows client application. These trading platforms normally aggregate all of the relevant data into a single screen, for the trader's convenience.

A good downloadable trading platform, will offer one click execution of a trading signal, and limit order execution.

It will also have the ability to personalize the presentation of the data on the trader's screen - so it’s viewable in a format the FX trader prefers.

2. Web based trading platforms

For traders who have security systems installed on their computers – i.e. a firewall, downloading a trading platform may be difficult. In this case, what’s needed is a secure web based platform. Many brokers provide web based trading platforms that are accessible at any time.

All good trading platforms should give the forex trader, clear and easy usability. This includes:

· Opening and closing positions and limit orders
· Facility to easily deposit and withdraw funds
· Automatic control system
· Complete and detailed presentation of opened and closed positions
· Real time account
· Account equity value
· Total exposure of positions
· Total collateral for account exposure
· Cash on account
· Details of deposits and withdrawals and currency conversions
· Full account information regarding existing limit orders, account history, etc.

Good Forex brokers will also have 24 hour support - should you need it - and the opportunity for you to test a demo version of the trading platform.

Quite simply, a smooth and reliable forex trading platform is essential for your forex trading strategy - so make sure you get one!

What else should you look for from your forex broker?

Make sure that the fees are low - and that the bid, and ask spread is about 3 – 5 pips. Make sure you don’t pay more than this - and be careful there are no extra handing, or dealing fees to pay.

You should also look for the facility to deposit and withdraw money online.

Make sure you get the leverage you need – standard leverage is 100:1. Today, many brokers are offering 200:1, or even 400:1 - to help you maximize your forex trading profits.


When choosing a forex broker, shop around - as the services they offer vary greatly – so, it’s always best to take your time. Try their Forex demo account - and make sure you’re confident and familiar with the services provided, before starting to trade in the online currency markets.

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