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Online Dating - The First Date -Making It A Success

So you have got to the point where you are about to meet the person from your online dating site.

There are some real do's and don'ts you need to know, and if you are careful, you just might hook up with the right partner.


In preparation for your first date, you don't wish to overstress the situation with your best clothes or jewelry and so on. The first impression has to be good, no doubt about it, but not your very best.

Prepare for your first date by arranging to meet at a crowded coffee shop. This way if the photos were deceptive - beware of Photoshop!

They can really change the look from a photo and take away years, weight, and put things there that aren't) you have a quick and easy escape.

Plan for this eventuality.


If you are going to a crowded coffee shop, and it's after your work, you will be in your working clothes.

If you are working in an office where you have some dress code, make a special effort dressing in the morning by putting on something trendy and something that shows off your best qualities (or perhaps masks your worst). Do not overdress, or under dress for the first date.

Make Up

If you are going to wear make up, consult a make up artist (at any department store) about late day, after work make up styles. They differ and can make a real difference in your appearance. Early day make up or evening make up are wrong for this occasion.

The Hello Moment

When you meet for the first time, try to be charming, even if the meeting is a disaster. If you are terribly disappointed, do not show it.

If you are really pleased, you have made a good choice. If you are not, you have to be civil, and kind. Order a coffee, speak a bit, and be on your way.

If you are pleased, and you can see the other person is pleased as well, the hello moment will show it all.


It's a very good idea to begin your conversation from the online dating site. You have a good idea (or should have) about the other person already.

Start your conversation by asking questions you know is of importance. Talk about their work, their various situations (of which you are already appraised), and try on the first date NOT to speak about:

. Old loves

. Sexually charged subjects (unless its obvious both of you are very interested)

. Religion

. Politics

. Technical subjects that would bore anyone

The Parting

As you part, make arrangements for the next meeting. It should not be too many days in advance, and this will insure your first date was a success.

As you leave, remind the other person how pleased you were to meet them, and try for a good-bye hug or cheek kiss (European style). It's a great way to say good-bye.