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Write the Perfect Online Dating Advert

Online dating can be a very cool way to meet new people, and build relationships. It all begins with your advert.

What you write about yourself creates the first impression, which usually sets the whole tone of the relationship (assuming there will be one) afterwards. Write the perfect online dating advert, and get the results you wish.

Here are the four tips to follow, and you will see the results you desire.

Tip 1 - Decide How You Wish to be known.

This requires a great deal of thought. If you wish to be known as a party girl, then say it. If you wish to known as a cool guy looking for adventure, say it.

Say exactly how you wish the others who read your advert to know you.

Before you start writing however, take some time to think out what you are planning to write.

Ask yourself what you want people to think about you, and who you are. Are they the same? If not, you must continuing thinking about who you are, and why you wish to be seen as something or somebody else.

Tip 2 - Be Honest and Open

Although the internet offers an unprecedented opportunity to be anonymous, that does not give you the right to be dishonest.

For online dating, or any dating, honesty and sincerity are two qualities you cannot underestimate.

These will come out in your writing and appeal to other genuine people. If you are not, you will attract the insincere, who wait for the smallest opportunity to rush in. Be honest and open and in this case, likes attract.

Tip 3 - Be Original

It may take longer to write your advert than you expected, but if you are original your advert will be fresh and it will get more reads. The greater number of reads, the greater the chance of you finding that person you are really looking for.

Avoid banal and trite comments, and don't be "cute" by saying things that are overly obvious. Original comments take thought, some study (of what has been written) and finding those things that apply just to you.

These three tips, if followed with produce an advert that the world can see and understand instantly who the writer is and what he or she really wants. You are not rushed to write your advert, delay registration to the online dating site while you work out your advert.

When you write it, use plain English, and don't try to impress with words that need a dictionary to understand. Simple and plain English is always the best.

As a last note, notice the successful leaders on the dating site. Read their adverts and see what they have written. No need to copy, but you should not turn your back on success. So let your advert be meaningful.