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Success - 3 Steps to Transform Failure into Success

Success Article

Success: How To Succeed Most of the Time
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Do you give yourself the chance to succeed?!!

“A strange question”, you might say. Yes, it’s strange but vital to your success.

Listen to me carefully…

…You will never succeed unless you complete what you have started.

The point is that when you start pursuing your dreams and goals, you may reach a point where you face lots of obstacles and difficulties. Then you keep on struggling to the point of being totally distracted, unfocused, and depressed. You may be struggling right now!!!

And I will assume that you will persist and keep moving and trying. Then suddenly you receive a BIG failure. What should you do then?!

First, you have to ask yourself whether what you are doing is worth all these efforts or not. If not then your failure is a blessing to you. It is an indicator that you are moving in the wrong direction. But if what you are doing is related to your passion and your purpose in life then you have to

Success Article

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know how to handle your failure and transform it into massive success.

That is what I am going to share with you now. I will teach you 3 steps to transform failure into success. These 3 steps are plain simple yet very powerful that they can change your life.

Here are the 3 steps to transform your biggest failure into massive success:

1. Face your failure

Don’t fear of failure. Be ready to courageously face it when it comes. Accept it and don’t see it as the end of the marathon. You have just lost one round but as long as you are still alive then you always have another chance to succeed.

2. Learn from it

Failure is a blessing. You will learn your best life lessons from your failures. You will keep on failing until you learn the lesson needed to take you to the next step of your life and your success. You must stop and analyze your failure and fetch the lesson hidden in it.

3. Turn it around to

Success Article

Your Imagination, the Ultimate Success Tool
Your Imagination, the Ultimate Success Tool Copyright 2004 Tom Busch In order to achieve your goals and attain new levels of success, put your imagination to work. Get into the habit of visualizing your goals as if they are already happening....


When you learn the lessons from your failure you will be ready to change your direction and apply what you learned to transform your failure into success. Look for ways to do things better. Make your failure a step forward not a roadblock to your success.

When you follow those 3 steps with every failure you face, you will have the power to rise up again and succeed.

Always search for the hidden lessons. Let your failure move you forward. Failure is a blessing, so try to get the most out of it.

Transform your failure and give yourself the chance to succeed!!

Success is a marathon not a sprint.

Mohamed Tohami (http://www.tohami.com) is a success mentor helping thousands of people worldwide to live a purposeful life and achieve their goals. Sign up now for his “Make a Difference” Ezine and learn powerful success strategies to achieve your goals and build an extraordinary life.




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